Opposites Attract wedding band set: Cherry Blossoms in 14k yellow gold

Opposites Attract wedding band set: Cherry Blossoms in 14k yellow gold


This is a domed, half-round version of my popular Opposites Attract cherry blossom rings in 14k yellow gold. These rings were inspired by a challenge that I often face. One half of a couple prefers a floral pattern and the other wants something more subtle. Although I have several non-floral wedding band styles, most couples want rings that match. So this is a solution to that problem. If the future groom does not want a flowery wedding band he can have what is to outward appearances a plain band that matches her band on the inside. These bands feature my cherry blossom pattern. They are especially appropriate for a spring wedding, but would be lovely for any time of year.

These rings have a matte finish, but I will be happy to make them with a shiny finish if you prefer. Please be sure to note any changes in the Notes To Seller field during checkout. These bands are made of 14k yellow gold. If you prefer a different metal, please contact me for a price quote.


Please be sure to provide me with accurate sizes for the rings you order. Because of the nature of these rings, many cannot easily be made smaller and they can only be stretched larger by a half size. I would be happy to send you a free ring sizer. Once you have received the sizer, you can place the order using an accurate size for your ring. Using the ring sizer is an easy way to determine your size or double-check your size if you already know it. Plus, if you use my sizer and your ring still requires a size adjustment after you've received it, I will be happy to waive the resizing fee and charge only shipping. Otherwise, a $25 fee will apply to simple resizes (stretched bigger by up to a half size), and a restocking fee of up to $75 will apply in cases where I need to make you a new ring.

When you order, please put the date when you will need the rings in the NOTES section so that I can account for the shipping time if your wedding date is soon. Also please write out a quick reminder of any other changes to the design that we may have discussed in emails. Having this information on the receipts is useful as I use them as the work order for making my rings. It will also prevent me from forgetting things that we have talked about or mixing you up with another customer.

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