Opposites Attract wedding band set: Falling Leaves

Opposites Attract wedding band set: Falling Leaves


This is a design that's been in my head for a couple of years now. I sometimes get an interest in my wedding bands where one half of the couple really likes the floral pattern and the other wants something more subtle. And although I have several non-floral styles of wedding bands, most couples want to have rings that match. So this is a solution to that problem. If the future groom does not want a flowery wedding band he can have what is, to outward appearances, a plain band that matches her band on the inside. These bands feature my sunflower pattern.

The narrow band of this Falling Leaves set is just over 3/16" wide (5mm) while the wider band is just under 5/16" wide (8mm) but I can make each ring a bit narrower upon request. These are sterling silver with a 14k rose gold tab but they can be made in other metal combinations. Please contact me for prices if you are interested in any of these options.

I can create the rings in this listing and ship them out to locations in the U.S.  within 3-4 weeks or receiving payment. 

You may want to note your wedding date or the date you will need the rings in the Notes To Seller section at checkout, so that I can account for labor and shipping time (especially if your wedding date is soon). Also, please write out a quick reminder of any changes to the design that we may have discussed. Having this information on the receipt is helpful as I use it as my work order. 

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