I love what I do!

I have been creating and selling jewelry for nearly twenty years. I stumbled into metalsmithing while attending the University of Washington. I was attempting to find an art class that would fill a hole in my schedule; the only one that would fit was an Introduction To Jewelry class. With no knowledge or interest in jewelry, I was skeptical. But I did sign up -- and I have never looked back. I found I enjoyed the scale of the work and loved working with the tools and materials. Metal was the perfect medium for my skill set: patience and attention to detail. 

My style involves mixed metals and moving parts. I like to make pieces that are fun and unexpected. I enjoy the mechanics of jewelry and the challenge of making involved pieces that require planning, forethought, and experimentation.

All of the work in my shop is mine, made from my own designs. I work alone. Any components I use were designed by me and are made from prototypes that I have created myself, by hand, from metal, using traditional jewelry making techniques.